Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke Strip Down for Lonely Lingerie’s Latest Campaign

Even those who sexy black lace lingerie have never seen a single episode of Lena Dunham‘s hit show Girls likely know that the series is infamous for regularly featuring it’s creator and lead actress totally in the buff. So while seeing Dunham’s naked body isn’t exactly an unprecedented event (she also regularly features herself in various states of undress on her Instagram), now she’s lending her bare form to a very different medium, posing alongside Girls co-star and BFF Jemima Kirke as a part of a new, very body positive, un-retouched underwear campaign.

The campaign is for New Zealand-based brand, Lonely, which makes underwear for women “who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves.” As an extension of their brand, the line’s founder Helene Morris started the Lonely Girls Project, an ongoing series that, “features candid portraits of inspiring women in their natural environments wearing Lonely in their own way.” For their latest installment in this series, the brand decided to feature Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke who were shot casually hanging out in an NYC bathroom by Zara Mirkin and Harry Were.

In the photo, Lena wears the Penny bra and underwear set, a lacy matching pair in seafoam green featuring a criss cross ribbon detailing at the waist and across the plunging V-neckline, while Jemima frees the nipple in the Bonnie sheer pastel purple set with lace detailing around the bust and waist. Both women finished off heir boudoir-ready look with a sultry swipe of red lipstick.

According to a statement about the new campaign, “Lonely aspires to showcase women wearing underwear in a way that we usually don’t see in mainstream advertising and the media. Instead of being objectified, the women who participate in these campaigns – in this case, Lena and Jemima – are empowered and exhibit real beauty that will hopefully help women everywhere feel a little more liberated. The brand also never retouches a single image.”

And who needs sexy black lace lingeriephotoshop when both women look totally at-home and natural in their new lingerie sets? After all, there’s nothing sexier than being comfortable in your own skin.

Etam Lingerie Models Strip Down At Paris’ Musee d’Orsay, Upset Museum 

They were three sexy black lace lingerie models with a mission: strip down in one of Paris’ most renowned art museums, expose their skimpy lingerie and pretend like the whole thing’s totally normal.

You know, like Charlie’s Angels but with bras instead of guns.

And judging by the puzzled looks on museum-goers’ faces, we think it’s safe to declare their mission a success.

However the women had a secret agenda: Their antics were part of a publicity stunt for Etam lingerie.

Unsurprisingly, officials at the Musee d’Orsay were less than thrilled to hear about the company’s daring exploits, particularly because they didn’t seek permission to film inside the establishment.

The museum called the stunt “a serious infringement of the Orsay’s rights and the rights of others,” and, according to the Telegraph, officials have threatened to take legal action.

“I’m responsible for filming and such a shoot would never have been accepted,” Amelie Hardivillier, the museum’s head of communications, told France’s The Local. “It’s unthinkable.”

What has been allowed to shoot in the prestigious Musee d’Orsay? “Gossip Girl,” for one. But Blair and Prince Louis kept their pants on, which is something Etam models don’t have such a great track record of doing.

In the past, Etam sexy black lace lingerie has had its ladies take to the ice dressed in nothing but their unmentionablesand skate beneath the Eiffel Tower, the Mirror noted.

Ashley Graham Takes Her Sexy Lingerie Line To New Heights

Ashley Graham has sexy black lace lingerie been everywhere lately — Forbes’ 30 under 30 list and ABC’s “The Year,” to name a few. And with good reason. The model/designer/body activist has truly hustled her way to top. Now, thanks to her latest lingerie line with Addition Elle, she’s headed even higher — to the friendly skies.

Addition ElleThe “size sexy” supermodel debuted her new “La Scala” collection aboard a private plane with a handsome flight crew, one adorable kitten and, of course, lots of sexy lingerie. It’s enough to get even the most anxious flyer to hop on board.

Addition ElleThe collection marks Graham’s eighth with Canadian-based clothing chain Addition Elle, which expanded sales to the U.S. last year.

Graham, who also announced in December she would be designing a line of swimsuits with SwimsuitsForAll, has long served as a role model for women of all shapes and sizes thanks to her infecting confidence (this is the woman who told her back fat she loves it during a TED Talk, after all).

Addition ElleHere’s sexy black lace lingerie hoping that confidence will inspire plenty of beautiful women to get their hands on this line come February when it launches at AdditionElle.com, Nordstrom.com and in select Nordstrom


Taylor Momsen Strips Down To Sheer Lingerie For Maxim Magazine

Is Taylor sexy black lace lingerie Momsen trying to one-up Miley Cyrus with her latest photo shoot for Maxim magazine?

It certainly feels like it, at least with one of the shots currently available online of the Pretty Reckless singer sitting on a toilet in just a red bra, with her underwear around her ankles, giving the camera the finger.

Other photos of the 20-year-old flashing her sheer black bra under a sweater and exposing a matching garter belt under unbuttoned jeans and giving bedroom eyes seem almost demure in comparison.

But would Momsen really bother to try to one-up Cyrus? The former “Gossip Girl” star had been pretty firm regarding her thoughts on the singer in the past:

“I’m not looking to be Miley f**king Cyrus. I don’t care about the fame. I do it because I love music. I like making records and if people like them, then we’ll go along for the ride,” she told FHM U.K. back in 2010 when both singers were just 16.

So Miley’s become a little bit wilder since then, and Momsen, well, she’s been stripping down to her underwear, wearing electrical tape as pasties at shows, giving lap dances to fans, going topless for years now.

And while Momsen dons a number of “provocative” outfits, she told Maxim it’s not about “feeling sexy.”

“It’s less about sexy black lace lingerie what I’m wearing and more about feeling powerful while performing. That gets my blood flowing,” Momsen explained.


Penelope Cruz Shows Her Charms Singing In Spanish In Sexy Lingerie

We all know sexy black lace lingerie Penelope Cruz can dance and act — and now she’s shown that she can also definitely sing.

As if her debut singing for the 2006 film “Volver” and 2009 “Nine” weren’t enough, recently a new video of the Spanish actress was released with Cruz looking very sensual while performing a duo with her compatriot Miguel Bosé.

The black-and-white video shows both artists in different hotel rooms, where the actress boasts her sweet voice and throws herself onto the bed dressed in sexy lingerie, while singing “Decirnos Adiós” (Saying ‘Good Bye’), composed by her brother Eduardo Cruz.

“Penelope sings fabulously and, above all, she has a lot of personality in her voice and enjoys it a lot, something that you can’t say about everyone,” Bosé told Spanish wire service EFE.

Cruz was one of the special guests on Bosé’s new album “Papito”, along with the voices of Joaquín Sabina, Juan Luis Guerra, Tiziano Ferro, Dani Martin and Pablo Alborán, who also collaborated on the production.

Listen to Cruz sexy black lace lingerie singing in the video above and below find some of her best movie performances.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping With A Guy: What Can Go Wrong?

Valentine’s Day sexy black lace lingerie is on the horizon. We all know what that means: chocolates, flowers and sexy lingerie. Some women love a beautiful bra or a lacy pair of boy shorts, while others of us balk at the thought of teeny bits of material tucked and wedged into our … well, teeny bits. And if we are intimidated by the thought of buying lingerie, imagine how our boyfriends, husbands and lovers feel? Downright terrified.

We sat down with a lingerie expert to get some tips for our men on how to best buy lingerie for Valentine’s Day. Our expert is Rebecca Apsan, the founder and owner of New York City lingerie boutique La Petite Coquette. Apsan opened the store 35 years ago, and has since penned a guide on how to purchase lingerie called “Lessons In Lingerie.” It’s clear that Apsan knows her subject, and that she’s passionate about the topic. She said, “Lingerie gives women a sense of confidence and empowers them, because when you wear lingerie that fits and makes you feel good you walk around with a kick in your step.”

We then had to find a willing male, which was easier in theory than it was in reality. Finally, our fearless colleague, Daniel Treadway, stepped up to the task. Treadway has been in a relationship for a year and was happy for the help in choosing his girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift. That was, until he stepped into the shop and was surrounded by silk underthings, vibrators, harnesses and more. The store has an elegant boudoir feel that women relish, but men can become intimidated. Apsan told that men have become more comfortable: “Men are not as nervous as they used to be. Some of them used to break out in a cold sweat. Men in 2013 are much more in tune with what their partners want.” Women have also become more comfortable with shopping for lingerie, and more adventurous. Apsan also said that as a result of “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” she has had to up the kink factor in her store, which explained the wrist restraints and laser-cut leather corsets.

Emboldened by Apsan’s brazen speech, Dan browsed through racks of camisoles, bras and thongs. What he chose for his gal surprised us. Though surrounded by very kinky, yet gorgeous options (think “air-conditioned panties” and pearl thongs), he chose subdued, elegant underthings. Actually, he chose exactly what we would have chosen.

Dan had this to say on shopping for ladies’ lingerie: “I’ve never bought lingerie for the same reason that I don’t buy jewelry. I don’t want her to have to wear something she doesn’t like. If I came with my girlfriend, this would be a lot of fun. We could laugh about it, and I wouldn’t be going out on a limb. Just walking in the door [alone] is intimidating, because essentially, it’s admitting that you’re thinking about sex.”

To assuage men’s fears, Apsan gave us three handy guidelines for buying lingerie:1. Do your homework. “Find out her size before you come in. Look in her drawers — the furniture kind. Snoop to see what she has the most of. Look at the panty and dress sizes and find out what type of bras she has. You should be armed with information when you walk into the store.”

Always be sensitive sexy black lace lingerie to issues that women have with their bodies. “If she doesn’t love her thighs, buy her something that covers them. Make sure the woman is comfortable, because when she’s relaxed and confident who knows what the night will bring.”3. This is the time to indulge in your fantasies. “Try something a little different, think outside of the box. But avoid cheap lace — unless you want to just rip it off — because it can irritate the skin.”


Sensitive Fabrics: Summer 2014 lingerie fabrics’ collection

Leading sexy black lace lingerieNorthern Italy based warp knitter Eurojersey has released its Sensitive Fabrics: Summer 2014 lingerie fabrics’ collection in preparation for the New Year’ European shows.

New themes for 2014Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey for Summer 2014 lingerie lines take inspiration from sunlight, the warmth of the earth and the appeal of the Italian summer. Three themes have been picked out by the Italian company’ Creative Department to emphasize the technical capacities of Sensitive Sheer, Sensitive Touch and Sensitive Seric Plus while highlighting the inventiveness, ingenuity and outstanding results of the patterns produced using pigment-based, environmentally friendly EcoPrint technology.

Eurojersey expands:”The harmonious, delicate dyes are alluring and venture into imaginary worlds that can be glimpsed colouring dreams and tales of the distant past and the years to come. The micro-designs come together to give original overall displays with symbols that merge in the evanescence.

Detailing plays a leading role in stories that will be told by garments with cutting-edge design and the most advanced styles. The messages conveyed by the materials combine quality and efficiency with inspired elegance and refinement. The versatility knows no bounds and opens the way to the most extraordinary and enchanting styles and forms of decoration.

Sunlight CandorThe light, impalpable tones of lost youth can be found in the proposals that are grouped under the Sunlight Candor theme. Delicate, romantic pastel decorations are joined by less conventional sorbet hues. However, the really dominant features are the transparencies, the tone-on-tone pairings and the natural white effect, thanks to the pigment printing, which brings to life arabesques and motifs ranging from the callow to the sophisticated.

This evokes memories of an embryonic candor that has been lost and rediscovered, among the freshness of the warm, golden and rosy light effects. Shining reflections bring out the silkiness of Sensitive Sheer and Sensitive Seric Plus, while the evanescence of Sensitive Touch is exquisitely hazy.

Native DelicaciesNew pigment-printing techniques are used for the Native Delicacies, whose ethnic, graphic decorations are rich in detail and come from exotic lands. They have an aristocratic feel and are also environmentally friendly due to the use of the EcoPrint system.

Their charm lies in the tactile and chromatic influences from wholesome, natural materials and a world of animal prints that are not afraid to be bold but are toned down by gentle, poetic expressions. Like in a novel, the precision of the details creates realistic effects and authentic visions that are almost physical among the matt and shiny refinement of Sensitive Sheer, Sensitive Touch and Sensitive Seric Plus.

Italian TasteThe styles and colours of the summer months on the most beautiful stretches of the Italian coast add a special touch to the trend that best celebrates the Italian Taste of the Sensitive Sheer and Sensitive Seric Plus fabrics.

The beauty sexy black lace lingerie and charm of Sorrento and the Amalfi coast are conjured up in floral and ornamental prints that are reminiscent of precious Italian craft fabrics. Flock effects and damask prints enrich the new classic shades.

Amy Winehouse and her cheeky friend enjoy the sun in their bikinis Online

Amy sexy black lace lingerie Winehouse and her cheeky friend enjoy the sun in their bikinis ByDaily

Amy Winehouse put her recent troubles aside to enjoy a frolicsome day in the sun with a rather cheeky friend yesterday.

The troubled singer, 24, spent the bank holiday weekend with friends in the Oxfordshire countryside and clearly revelled in the recent sunshine as she stripped off to a self-styled bikini top and denim hotpants.

While most of Britain returned to work yesterday, Amy continued her country break and lapped up the 21 degrees Celsius temperatures.

Amy and a cheeky girl (not the Romanian pop stars): Amy and her daring friend lap up the sunshine

Hiding her matted hair in a turban-style towel, Amy appeared to have customised her outfit, turning a pair of jeans into shorts and fashioning a red polka dot headscarf into a bikini.

The singer’s tattoo dedicated to her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, an etching of a pocket with the word’s ‘Blake’s’ was clearly on show.

After Amy and her redhead female pal spotted photographers, her friend happily flashed her backside in a revealing polka dot french knickers.

Tattoo me: On closer inspection, Amy’s ‘bikini’ is quite clearly made of headscarves and her tattoo dedication to husband Blake Fielder-Civil is clearly visible

The Rehab singer is staying with a group of friends in Henley, including singer Tyler James and her manager’s assistant Alex Haines.

Last week, Amy sexy black lace lingerie denied press reports she was cheating on her incarcerated husband Blake with Alex.

in scorching sexy black lace lingerie shoot

Stunning US sexy black lace lingerie star Charlotte McKinney unveils her hourglass curves in scorching lingerie shoot

But the gorgeous blonde who has just unveiled an incredible new campaign for US clothing brand Guess found breaking into the world of modelling something of a struggle

GuessAnd it seems that while millions of women across the world are desperate to have a large bosom that actually her huge assets proved to be something of a barrier at first

Charlotte, 22, who is dating Hollywood actor Stephen Dorf, 42, looks absolutely stunning in the retro black and white shoot

PacificCoastNewsCharlotte also says she found it difficult to get jobs because her boobs were so big and she says that she’s delighted that Guess are allowing her to embrace her ample figure and be a role model for women

She added: “When I first saw my Guess ad for the first time it was just a shock, it was crazy seeing my face with Guess underneath it, it hit me hard, yeah!

“Usually sexy black lace lingerie with any brands and stuff they want to tone down your curves and your chest but with Guess I could just really be myself and show my curves and show my chest more and feel more comfortable, it was great, it really helped me, you know shine more, than hiding it, you know.”

Lingerie For Every Hour and Every Outfit

lingerie is sexy black lace lingerie one of the most neglected pieces of clothing in a regular woman’s wardrobe. It is undoubtedly a necessity, but very few of us actually put in a great deal of effort while selecting undergarments. However, if you want to look perfect in every outfit and at all times of the day, you need to put in as much thought into your underwear as with other clothes. Let us consider a day in a working woman’s life to get a better idea of the kind of underwear you need.

Whether you are a morning person or an evening one, working out is one thing we all try to squeeze into our hectic daily schedules. Which brings us to consider the kind of underwear that goes with workout and sports clothes. You might be hitting the gym or working off the calories on a tennis court, but you will still need undergarments that offer both comfort as well as support. For those keen on running, aerobics, yoga, or Pilates, the sports bra is the perfect choice. Not only does it provide adequate support and coverage, it can be worn under tight fitting, short tops. They are made of breathable materials that will prevent a sweaty or uncomfortable feeling. As for the panties, try the panty-line free underwear to avoid spoiling the look of your exercise pants. And if you are comfortable wearing thongs, opt for ones with an extra thick waist band to allow for maximum comfort and mobility.

Convertible bras are a must-have in your wardrobe, irrespective of whether you are a working woman or not. Although you might not be wearing strapless or halter tops to work often, it does good to have a few bras that can be worn with low backs, thin straps, and V-necks. When it comes to office wear, panties are often much more a concern. You are wearing a tight skirt or a dress to work and the last thing you want is a visible panty line. Well, one easy way to avoid such embarrassing situations is by wearing a thong or a G-string. If you find them uncomfortable, you could also try a thin boy shorts, or even a body shaper. Body shapers in fact, can be great accessories. Not only will your underwear remain invisible, your body will also start looking slimmer and shapely.

·For an evening or sexy black lace lingerie a night out – Let your hair down, paint the town red, and do it in style. No matter what cocktail dress or gown you are wearing, the importance of right underwear cannot be overstressed. Convertible bras are of great help here too. But if you are planning to do a dare act and wear sheer clothing, you should opt for adhesive bras. Depending on your bust size and whether you want to accentuate your cleavage or play down the look, you can select from push-up bras, padded bras, and minimizer bras. On the other hand, the plunge bras are ideal for dresses with a plunging neckline. Panties again will have to depend on the kind of outfit you are wearing. If it is a loose flowing dress, you can go with regular underwear in matching shades. On the other hand, with clingy dresses you need to make sure that no panty line is visible.